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ACHIEVE & SUCCEED | Plan with a Purpose

Maureen Richardson is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ practitioner in San Ramon, California.  Maureen works with individuals, couples and families to develop financial goals and stay on track.  This is accomplished through her unique process, “Personal Wealth Management with a Championship Mindset.”  This process encompasses reviewing the following areas of your financial picture:  Where you are today, Investments, Asset Allocation, Retirement planning, Tax Planning, Estate Planning, Insurance protection and accumulating money.

The CORE values of this process are:

Confidence -Maureen is dedicated to helping her clients choose what’s best for their unique circumstances.  Financial planning, or wealth management, is highly personal.  Maureen assists her clients in helping them make good decisions as their goals and objectives evolve over time.

Optimisim -  Maureen works with her clients to create a customized performance plan.  Maureen helps her clients stay focused and not get derailed by current events.  Maureen has been involved in finance since 1981 and has been through many market conditions and market fluctuations. 

Responsiveness - Maureen’s tenacity helps you overcome the short term obstacles to help you achieve your long term goals.  Maureen is a hard worker, takes no shortcuts, and is always accountable. All calls and emails are handled promptly by herself or her staff.  There is no phone menu, 800 number, or staff that doesn’t know who you are; we love hearing from our clients and make it easy for you to contact us and promptly handle your needs.

Excellence - Maureen has an unyielding commitment to excellence.  Reaching your financial goals is your own personal championship that cannot be achieved without a winning strategy and planning.  

Further demonstrating her passion for excellence and achievement, Maureen recently published a book, “Til Money Do Us Part.”  This book is written for couples of all ages that are getting married.   The book is a result of Maureen’s own personal and professional experience in dealing with money in relationships.  It is available on Amazon or through Maureen's office.  As a result of this book, Maureen has created a process especially for couples that are getting married, newlyweds, or couples that may be experiencing financial issues, called The Matrimoney Method ™. 

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Last Updated: 07/28/14

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