Championship Mind-Set



This program is designed especially for those who desire continued financial growth and achievement. As you strive to grow your net worth, the financial challenges you face may become increasingly complex. Often, the services you require to address these challenges fall outside the realm of basic portfolio design and investment management. You’ll notice that, as your net worth increases, so do the number of services and the time necessary to help you pursue your long-term goals. 

This program is designed to keep you current, up to date, and save you time and money. The emphasis on this program is personal client service. This service is delivered consistently through our high standards of client service and quick response. 

Your championship program includes a comprehensive review and analysis of your current financial situation. We will review employer plans in addition to your own assets, and determine how everything you have is working together. 

Comprehensive planning, including review analysis and recommendations:

  • Goal setting
  • Cash flow
  • Net worth statement
  • Retirement needs analysis
  • Retirement account assessment
  • Beneficiary review
  • Estate planning concepts to implement with a qualified attorney
  • Insurance - life, disability, long-term care, property casualty
  • Tax planning concepts to implement with a qualified tax professional
  • Coordination and integration of financial planning with existing or new financial professionals (accountant, lawyer, etc)
  • Monitor progress and make necessary adjustments
  • Develop asset allocation strategy and implementation
  • Personalized delivery of information (phone, email, in person)
  • Investment strategy and recommendations.
  • Investment implementation
  • Ongoing portfolio management
  • Quarterly updates
  • Investment and financial services experience since 1985.
  • Dedicated support staff in San Ramon, CA. Office operations supported by the Commonwealth Financial Network in San Diego, CA, and Waltham, MA.
  • An updated financial and wealth management plan and analysis that is continually expanded and monitored as you financially grow. 

Two (2) live and private meetings per year to address planning, recommendations, and portfolio reviews.