Getting on Track

Do you wonder where to start, how to start and what to do?  

Do you feel you are bombarded and overwhelmed by the avalanche of financial stuff you see every day? 

If so, this program is designed especially for those who are just starting out. You have a desire to get ahead financially and begin to build net worth. Whether you're just graduating from school, getting a new job, or starting out your life, this is our basic advisory service to help you get on track! This program is customized for your objectives, addressing what is relevant to you. There is a lot of financial information out there and this program will get you focused on what’s right for your situation.  

Here’s what you get:

  • Financial snapshot of where you are today. This is our benchmark to measure your progress through the coming months and years.  
  • A financial analysis that identifies strengths and weaknesses in your current situation.
  • Basic investment strategy. How should you be invested? Where should you be putting your money?
  • Cash flow analysis.
  • You will get a status call after three months to check on your progress and make necessary moves.
  • At the six-month point we will begin to measure progress. We will do a call to assess what is working and what is not.
  • At our one-year anniversary, we will do a checkup to measure and celebrate progress, and set your next financial milestones.
  • A game plan to help you begin to reach your financial goals!

We will send you a checklist of items to bring in along with some easy preparation material. You will complete the homework and bring it to the meeting.