Google Tour

I had the opportunity to take 10 guests to tour the Google campus in Mountain View. Who would I take and who would benefit the most? I immediately thought of kids! Especially children that rarely, if ever, have this opportunity to experience something as extraordinary as Google. I wanted to have them experience possibility to help them dream big and set goals for themselves.

With the help of St. Vincent De Paul in Oakland, I found 10 kids from the Oakland Richmond area to go on the tour.

We loaded up in the mini van and spent most of the day experiencing Google and what it would be like to work at Google. Google is certainly the tech version of “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!” The kids also learned that getting good grades is essential for employment at Google. It was wonderful to see their joy and amazement at how Google encourages and helps their employees recharge and stay creative by play, rest, and making their lives easier with day care, food, transportation, workstations, etc. The kids all want to work at Google!

The highlight of the day was eating at the famous Google cafe. The kids were amazed that they could have whatever they wanted to eat for free. My heart melted when a little girl told me "this was the luckiest day of her life.” There is nothing that makes you appreciate what you have when you spend a day with those who have very little.

I want to give a special thank you to one of my clients, Susan, who put me in touch with St. Vincent De Paul and generously coordinated and provided the transportation.