Matrimoney Method TM



Matrimoney Method ™   
The wedding is one day, managing finances as a couple is every day.

As a result of writing her book, “Til Money Do Us Part,” Maureen created a financial planning process designed to help all couples address money issues that may be unique to them. Money issues can affect anyone, regardless of their income level, educational background, job title, or experience. When people marry, there is often an assumption that money attitudes and issues will effortlessly fall into place; however, this will not necessarily happen, and money issues may become magnified over time.

Here is what you get:

A step-by-step process to help you and your partner productively uncover and address money issues and get a plan in place as your relationship grows. This is a half-day session with Maureen in her San Ramon, CA, office.  You will leave her office with advice and a financial plan customized just for you!

Dating,” the first step, like dating, is designed to get to know each other. Money can be the elephant in the room that no one really knows how to address. The purpose of the “Dating step” is to uncover how you look at money and what you ultimately want to achieve with your money. This will help you uncover each other’s attitudes about money and have a structure in place to continue.

Engagement” is committing to steps to get you started off with basic planning. Some of the areas that will be addressed are how to share finances, delegating financial responsibilities, debt management, credit, and other areas unique to your partnership.

Marriage” is taking all this information and developing a plan of action to begin accomplishing your goals.

Anniversary” is meeting again a year from now to make sure you are on track and assess what you have accomplished. To keep you accountable, and to manage any short term setbacks, we’ll be doing status checks as determined during the first year. These status checks will done in the form of a phone conference to assess what is being done and what has yet to be done. 

After the first year, you can determine whether you would like to continue and graduate to Maureen’s more comprehensive championship financial planning process. This can be a great gift that will last a lifetime for the couple in your life, too!