Maureen enjoys working with people who want to be “financial champions.”   Maureen wants to work with people who care about their money but do not have the time or desire to sort out what’s relevant to them or not.  Maureen works with those who would prefer to delegate financial stuff to an expert.  Many of Maureen's clients are smart people who can do research, obtain information, and know how to save money.  However, by having a game plan in place with Maureen,  they are not spending time figuring out, for example, how their 401k should be invested and if they are on track for financial independence.  No, they are spending time enjoying activities that cannot be delegated such as time with friends and family, travel,  health, personal sprituality, etc.   

A process is followed with each and every client and potential client. It starts with listening, understanding, and assessing the situation. 

The CORE values of each and every process are:

Confidence Maureen is dedicated to helping her clients choose what’s best for their unique circumstances. Financial planning, or wealth management, is highly personal. Maureen assists her clients in helping them make good decisions as their goals and objectives evolve over time.

Optimisim Maureen works with her clients to create a customized performance plan. Maureen helps her clients stay focused and not get derailed by current events.  She has been through many market conditions and market fluctuations and has yet to see the end of the world bet pay off. 

Responsiveness Maureen’s tenacity helps you overcome the short-term obstacles to help you achieve your long-term goals. Maureen is a hard worker, takes no shortcuts, and is always accountable. All calls and e-mails are handled promptly. There is no phone menu, 800 number, or member of her team that doesn’t know who you are; we love hearing from our clients and make it easy for you to contact us and promptly take care of your needs.

Excellence Maureen has an unyielding commitment to excellence. Reaching your financial goals is your own personal championship that cannot be achieved without a winning strategy and planning.